Ex nihilo nihil fit - From nothing comes nothing

Sunkid contributes to the resistance of the "indomitable" Galsterberg:

Place: Galsterberg /Year: 2010 / Product: Moving Carpet

True to this Latin quotation, those responsible for the Galsterberg ski area created "Galstiland". In order to be able to position themselves successfully and sustainably in relation to the surrounding ski areas in the Schladming-Dachstein region, those responsible did not rely on the effect of a magic potion, but rather relied on their own initiative, pioneering spirit and idealism.

"From an initial idea, a coherent overall concept ultimately emerged. In reference to the well-known story of the Gauls resisting the Romans, we are now positioning the "unbending" Galsterberg ski area against the sheer superior ski areas of the Schladming - Dachstein region," says authorized signatory Mag. Peter Weichbold. This theme was pursued with consistency and found its culmination so far in the opening of the "Gallic ski village" in October 2009.

The Moving Carpet installed by Sunkid allows visitors comfortable and relaxed access to a completely new and interactive form of skiing experience for young and old. "The Sunkid - Moving Carpet was the only logical transport option to be able to get into Galstiland", says GF Weichbold.


The 81m long and 60cm wide conveyor belt with the proven "Blue-Eye" conveyor belt surface is fixed in the ground and is driven by an 11KW motor. Furthermore, the conveyor belt was equipped with an external terminal with emergency stop, start, speed controller and fault diagnosis system in the lift cabin. The conveyor belt is monitored directly and, in combination with the safety devices listed, the highest level of protection is guaranteed.


By using the Sunkid - Moving Carpet, reaching the "Gallic Gate" is not only possible with skis strapped on. Even with ordinary footwear nothing stands in the way of a visit to this extraordinary attraction.What awaits you after entering through this gate you can read here...


To date, the success of the operators proves that even a small ski area can hold its own with the right strategy. According to the motto: "Faber est suae quisque fortunae." - Everyone is the architect of his own fortune!

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