Conveyor belt as ski lift replacement - Sunny Mountain builds on the Sunkid Moving Carpet

The Sunkid Moving Carpet as a ski lift replacement

Place: Kappl /Year: 2010 / Product: Moving Carpet

A few weeks ago the Alpine Ski World Championships took place in Schladming (AUT). Both the women's and men's competitions were held partly on the same slopes. Thus, good organization and flexibility were the be-all and end-all. The Sunkid Comfort Star also proved its flexibility on site. Installed only for the duration of the world championships, the small ski lift transported the ladies to the start of the world championship slalom.

However, far more often the Sunkid Comfort Star closes the gap between the Sunkid Moving Carpet and the stirrup lifts within a ski area.

The data of the Sunkid "Comfort-Star
Passenger transport
Plate lift
300 m
11 kW
Ø Gradient :
40 %
650 pph
  • Higher capacity
  • Easier to use, suitable for children and beginners
  • Multifunctionality (ski, snowboard, toboggan, pedestrian, fun sports equipment, etc.)
  • Year-round usability (winter & summer)
  • More comfort for passengers
  • Less shutdowns - especially with the Sunkid Radius side exit
  • Less space required
  • Length changes possible at any time without problems
  • Location changes possible at any time without problems
  • Easier installation
  • Easier and faster approval
  • Lower personnel requirements
  • Lower investment costs depending on equipment
The Sunkid conveyor belt as a replacement for lifts
Suitable for children and beginners
conveyor belt
200 m
30 kW
Ø Gradient :
24 %

The Sunny Mountain in Kappl is a special adventure mountain! The modern concept allows the area to be used all year round - in summer as a leisure park and in winter as a beginners' area. In order to offer children and beginners in winter sports the best possible conditions, generous investments have been made in recent years. But this winter the ski beginners will enjoy another renewal. The previous 200 m long surface lift has been replaced by a new Sunkid conveyor belt with a roof. In addition to the higher capacity, better comfort, easier use, above all lower personnel costs in the future were the decisive factors for replacing the surface lift with a Sunkid conveyor belt.


Conveyor belt as ski lift replacement


In Paznaun, winter sports enthusiasts get their money's worth. Especially in Kappl there is something for every target group, from beginners to perfectionists! Great attention is paid in Kappl to children and families, which has already brought numerous innovations. Sunny Mountain has developed into a true adventure mountain in recent years. In the meantime, five Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts, a Rotondo ski and tubing carousel, a snow tubing run and various adventure runs are already available in the beginners' area. For this year, the operators of Bergbahnen Kappl decided to take a further step in this direction and undertook the replacement of the existing Hirschbad surface lift in the beginners' area.

They were guided by the following thoughts: A possible replacement of the T-bar lift could create a much wider passageway at the entrance to the Sunny Mountain children's and beginners' area, as the to-date unused wake of the T-bar lift would be eliminated. Furthermore, a beginner and child-friendly lift would be preferable to a surface lift. Since a conveyor system requires fewer supervisory personnel than a surface lift, personnel costs could be reduced. All these advantages, as well as the additional benefit for the promotion of the skiing area due to the more attractive ascent aid, convinced the operators of Bergbahnen Kappl to replace the existing Hirschbad drag lift with a new Sunkid Moving Carpet with a roof.


Multifunctional Moving Carpet


The new conveyor belt has already been built according to the specifications of the future European standard. The 200 m long Sunkid conveyor belt is driven by a 30 kW motor. With a gradient of up to 24%, the "Blue Eye" conveyor belt specially developed by Sunkid provides the necessary stability for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Replacing the surface lift with a Sunkid conveyor belt at Sunny Mountain now also attracts numerous tobogganers. The spacious ski area also allows tobogganers to take advantage of the 200-meter-long slope. The Moving Carpet then takes them back to the top easily, quickly and comfortably. Multifunctional - the Sunkid Moving Carpet!

BL Andreas Kleinheinz on the 200 m Moving Carpet: "Easier use, better comfort with less manpower are the big advantages of replacing the surface lift with the Sunkid conveyor belt!" As a replacement for the former drag lift, the Sunkid Moving Carpet has already convinced the operators and also the users.

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