Gulliver's Travels on the Sunkid Person Conveyor Belt

The amusement park Gulliver's Kingdom in Matlock Bath, England, is characterized mainly by the numerous rides.

Place: Matlock Bath /Year: 2012 / Product: Moving Carpet

Overcoming a particularly steep passage of the walkway there is facilitated by a 36m-long Person Conveyor Belt from Sunkid. Especially families and people with walking disabilities love the comfortable ride on the conveyor belt.

The Austrian company Sunkid, the inventor of modern passenger conveyors with more than 2,500 reference installations in over 50 countries, was the perfect partner for this project. Sunkid's decades of experience in transporting people safely and comfortably outdoors reduced the planning phase to a minimum.

Project in Mathlock Bath
36 m
750 mm
7.5 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/sec
Ø Gradient :
21 %
Capacity :
1400 pph

Steep terrain - effortless ascent - great view

While the children - the park's target group are young families with children between 2 and 13 years of age - who are thrilled by the many possibilities run effortlessly from station to station, some of the climbs can be strenuous for the grown-ups. In this particular case, the incline of 21% from "Fantasy Terrace" to "Western World" is particularly steep. On the Person Conveyor Belt from Sunkid, parents with baby carriages or with the smallest ones in hand, older people and people with walking difficulties can overcome the 36m long incline without any problems. Thanks to the comfortable width of 750mm, the particularly non-slip Rufftop surface and the child's play operation, the Sunkid conveyor belt has been very popular with visitors to Gulliver's Kingdom from day one.

Reliable technology enables year-round use

As soon as the entrance area is entered, the belt starts moving automatically, saving valuable energy. Thanks to the sophisticated and proven technology, which originally comes from the alpine ski area, common dirt, rain, leaves or snow cannot harm the belt. Thanks to its robust construction and design, which was originally conceived for winter use, it can also be operated all year round without hesitation. The Person Conveyor Belt is monitored and controlled by video from the park office.

Increased attractiveness also pleases the operator

On peak days, more than 2,000 visitors use Sunkid's Person Conveyor Belt. "Visitors love the charm of our hilly terrain, however the steepness is quite arduous for some. People like the Moving Carpet and we get a lot of positive feedback. For families and older visitors, this is a huge relief" says Nick Phillips, owner of Gulliver's Theme Parks and is visibly pleased with the increased appeal of his theme park.

Did you know that ...

Due to proven technology, passenger conveyors can be used for outdoor applications and are also easier to adapt to the terrain. Since no structural measures such as foundations are required, conveyor belts can be more easily assembled, disassembled or extended and are also less expensive than a moving walkway.

For over 15 years, more than 2,500 systems have been installed for a wide variety of applications - from ski conveyor belts to conveyor belts on golf courses and amusement parks to mobile model catwalks.

And with a speed of up to 1.2m/s.

Even systems with conveyor belt widths of 1.2m and lengths of up to 400m quickly transport people upwards.

In addition, it usually has an automatic shut-off so that it only runs when it is actually being used. At the customer's request, even canopies with photovoltaic panels provide additional environmentally friendly electricity.

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