CopenHill may be the most extraordinary skiing area in the world

500 metres of skiing slope and three Sunkid conveyor belts on the roof of a garbage incineration plant

Denmark is a flat country. Its highest rise is the Møllehøj in Eastern Jütland, just 170 metres high. This is bad news for the roughly 600,000 Danish skiers. Fear not, there is a solution! They no longer have to travel to Norway's mountains or even farther away; now, they can use a great alternative option – though their view will be quite unusual. Instead of a mountain panorama, the athletes will be looking out over Copenhagen.

CopenHill, which must be the most extraordinary skiing slope in the world, has recently been opened in Denmark. Denmark now has a sports facility that is truly unique. The roof of the new garbage incineration plant Amager Bakke in Copenhagen was converted into a unique local relaxation area and sports centre, among other things permitting year-round skiing. Three Sunkid conveyor belts (36 m, 51 m and 96 m) and a platter lift transport the more than 300,000 visitors expected year-round to a height of 85 m. The Tyrolean company Sunkid not only supplied the conveyor belts but also essentially contributed to planning the conveyor solutions and the skiing slope. The slope flooring is very different from the usual white of local skiing slopes. A specially developed green plastic cover from Sunkid's partner company Neveplast permits year-round skiing. The Wunderwiese in Puchberg, Austria is a similar facility and one of the largest year-round skiing slopes in Europe.


A great offer for everyone

In order to create a special offer for those new to skiing as well, the slope has been divided into three sections. All of them can be reached via the Austrian global market leader's conveyor belts. The lower area of the facility has the flattest stretch and is particularly great for beginners and the skiing school, which is housed in the same building. In addition to the skiing slope, it includes a roughly 500 m long hiking path and an 85 m high climbing wall for variety.


Energy and heat for up to 72,000 households

Below the leisure centre, one of the world's most modern garbage incineration plants produces energy and heat for up to 72,000 households. Their furnaces burn up to 400,000 tons of garbage every year. At estimated construction costs of 670 million US dollars, the plant is one of the most expensive infrastructure projects Copenhagen has undertaken in recent years. It plays a central role in the city's zero carbon by 2025 campaign. Amager Bakke joins the list of the world's most extraordinary factories with the garbage Spittelau incineration plant designed by Hundertwasser.


Global market leader Sunkid

Sunkid is a globally leading year‑round provider of leisure activities for the entire family. From individual attractions to a customised overall design, production and turn-key implementation, Sunkid offers a plethora of products and services. In addition to its focus on alpine tourism destinations, Sunkid has been a reliable innovative partner for theme parks around the world for more than a decade. The skiing conveyor belt "Zauberteppich", invented by Sunkid, has become a staple in skiing areas, just like a rope lift. It is by far the most user-friendly means of transport along the skiing slope.


Photo credits: CopenHill PR

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