Dry Slopes Conquer Spain

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular winter sports in the world. What is needed for them? The basic answer seems clear: a mountain and plenty of snow.

A mountain, or at least a hill, can be found in most areas. Snow, however, is a different matter. Where the summits aren't covered in white sugar blankets in winter, this doesn't necessarily put an end to the fun on boards anymore, however. Dry slopes permit skiing even without snow, and year-round.

Spain has joined the trend, opening the country's first skiing slopes that can be used year-round in La Virgen de la Vega, a town in the Teruel province about 300 km East of Madrid, in 2019.

The slope there is about 60 metres long and 15 metres wide. It is made of the revolutionary material Np30 +, offering a great skiing feel just as if sliding along on snow. Initiated by the Mesón de la Nieve association, the project was meant to increase the area's attraction for tourists. It is of great benefit that the place near the city of Valencia and surrounded by skiing areas is connected very well to the infrastructure.

Visitors of any age will find something to their liking here. The skiing and snowboarding slope is not the only thing La Virgen de la Vega has to offer: a tubing track was added to it as well. Rapidly sliding down the track on tubes is another fun option for any day of the year.

No worries – there's no need to carry skis and snowboards up the hill or dragging tubes to the top. The conveyor belt by Sunkid once again offers a comfortable transport aid for people and equipment alike.

Spanish TV channel Aragón TV has already reported on the new facility. Guests were enthusiastic about the new facility in their interviews, their beaming faces sending a clear message.


Photo credits: Meson de la Nieve

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