The Dragon of the Schwarzsee has come back to life

The children's world of experience of the Kaisereggbahnen Schwarzsee AG turns into Dragonland

Since the family skiing area in Swiss Canton Freiburg draws many guests even in summer, the cableway operators were planning to expand their leisure-time offer with a theme to match the local dragon myth. Borer Lift AG, part of the Sunkid world, turned out to be the right partner for their project.

The legend says that a dragon used to lay waste to the Kaiseregg, gobbling up people and animals alike. At the time, a hermit called Remigi lived near the Kaiseregg. The people came to tell him their woes and fears. Remigi gathered all his courage and went to see the dragon. As a deeply religious man, Remigi used a higher power’s help and banished the dragon with the sign of the cross. The dragon immediately froze and fell from its cave into the Schwarzsee lake underneath. Now, centuries later, it has returned from the waters to watch over the Schwarzsee – through in a slightly different form and potentially also soon accompanied by a dragon baby.

The Drachenland Kaisereggbahnen is visible from the ride up the mountain in the “Riggisalp” chair lift already. In addition to the mountain station, the dragon, which is made of weather-resilient larch wood and accessible for playing, and various toys, such as a dragon spring seesaw, are waiting for guests. The large dragon’s head can be climbed on. Its tail doubles as a slide, and a large combination swing is standing right next to it.

In addition to these toys, elements for a wooden ball track that is also part of the Drachenland at the Riggisalp have been delivered.

Plans have already been made to expand the Drachenland, and for the baby dragon. The existing Mountain Coaster is to be designed to match the dragon theme as well.

All information on customisation of a Mountain Coaster can be found on

More information about Wood'nFun products can be found here.

Fact Box Wodd'n'Fun Dragon:

  • Length: 15 m
  • Height:    7 m
  • Material: Weather-resilient larch wood


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