Mountain Coaster Borsec

The new Sunkid Mountain Coaster with its 1,440 metres is one of the longest summer toboggan runs Romania has to offer.

The small town of Borsec with its 2,500 residents is about 50 kilometres to the west of Durau. A popular spa in the times of the Royal and Imperial Monarchy, the place is currently developing an upwards trend. Since this summer, its guests are able to enjoy a new Sunkid Mountain Coaster as well. At a total length of 1,440 metres, with 575 metres used for mountain transport and 865 metres for the downhill run, the Borsec Mountain Coaster is one of the longest summer toboggan runs Romania has to offer.

The Mountain Coaster optimally uses the existing T-bar lift, not only reducing construction costs but also offering many advantages in day-to-day operation. Just as in the closed system used in Durau, the passenger enters the Mountain Coaster at the valley station and is then taken to the route start with the T-bar lift. Once there, the toboggan will automatically disengage, and the rapid ride can commence.

At the destination, the toboggan is handed over to the next guest after the last rider gets out, and the fun can start all over while reducing not only staff requirements but also allowing precise determination of the toboggans needed.


  • Use of existing infrastructure
  • Quick to set up and remove
  • Cost-efficient toboggan transport
  • Low staff requirements

Fact Box: Borsec

  • Total length: 1440 m
  • Downhill length: 865 m
  • Uphill length: 575 m
  • Toboggans: 32
  • Inclination: ∅ 14.7 %
  • Speed: max. 40 km/h
  • Mountain transport: T-bar lift
  • Features: closed system


Fotocredits: Borsec Bob Borszék, Rédai Botond

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