Small ski lifts with unexpected advantages

Sunkid offers not only Moving Carpets, but also four different small ski lifts that stand out with their many special technical features.

The Sunkid lift construction kit system permits combination of more than 80 (!) different types, positioning Sunkid as the perfect full-service provider for innovative logistics solutions up to a length of approx. 350 m and gradients of up to 40%.

All small ski lifts by Sunkid are certified to the new EU regulation 2016/424.

Together with subsidiary Bruckschlögl GmbH and Borer Lift AG, Sunkid is able to look back at more than four decades of experience with more than 4,000 lift installations worldwide. More than 50 units of the “SwissCord” lift type have been taken into operation so far.


The Sunkid SwissCord

The SwissCord is used in particular in the following applications:

  • Connection lift
  • Return lift
  • Access lift
  • Beginners’ exercise lift

This innovative small ski lift is characterised by the following advantages:

  • Vertical cord return, permitting bilateral use
  • Electromotor-powered height adjustment of up to 4.7 m at the valley and mountain stations
    o    Simple preparation of the tow track by snow groomer is made possible by lifting the cord
    o    Adjustment to passenger type (children or adults)
    o    Adjustment to snow height
  • Lengths up to 300 m
  • Gradients up to 20%
  • Drive power 5.5 to 11 kW, depending on length and gradient
  • Speed variably adjustable up to 2.0 m/sec
  • ATLAS plastic cord, Ø16 mm, with vulcanised-on rubber handles
  • Unique “bellows” safety device at the mountain and valley stations
  • A foundation slab is needed for the mountain and valley stations only. A metal-foundation option is available.
  • Indirect supervision is possible if certain prerequisites are met.


In addition to the Moving Carpet, Lenzerheide Bergbahnen 2019/20 also invested in a Sunkid SwissCord of the latest generation. With its many innovations, it not only complies with EU regulation 2016/424, but also offers many new functions to achieve an unprecedented degree of comfort for operators and users alike.

Technical data: SwissCord Lenzerheide

•    Length: 207 metres
•    Drive: 11 kW
•    Speed: Smoothly adjustable up to 1.8 m/s
•    Transport performance: Approx. 700 pers./h
•    Gradient: Ø 10.4 %
•    Drive station: Height-adjustable up to 4.7 m by electromotor
•    Transport: Atlas plastic cord 16 mm with handles


Photocredits: Adrian Flütsch, Familotel Allgäuer Berghof

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