Enjoy that 'Ice-Age-Feeling' at Potts Park

The Sabersaurus – the latest attraction for all dinosaur and Stone Age fans.

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs stalked the Earth. Millennia ago, Sabertooth tigers would hunt its prey in the forests. What, then, is the Sabersaurus? It's time to find ut! The first and only Sabersaurus can now be visited in Potts Park in Germany. 

A Sabertooth tiger Vehicle

Visitors of any age group can admire the impressive attractions at Potts Park. The XL-Butterfly, designed in the shape of a gigantic dinosaur skeleton, is a must-see attraction at the park. The ride's gondola has, of course, been themed as well. Two saberthooth tigers heads ornament the vehicle that sways back and forth as if you are riding on the dinosaur's back. Get onto the saber‑toothed tiger and let your adventure begin! Passengers are pulled up the track at a leisurely pace to the starting height above 6 metres. Once at the highest point, the vehicle will disconnect and rush down the approx. 27‑metre‑long back of the dinosaur, before slowing down in the ribs of this prehistoric giant.


Photo credits: ThemePark-Central.de, testefreizeitparks.de, parcalex

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