Come closer! Luis is waiting for you!

Luis the glacier flea has had quite a few ideas! The Hintertuxer Glacier now offers an exciting marble safari for adventurers of any age.

Glacier flea Luis lives in the beautiful hiking region of the summer alp at the Hintertuxer Glacier. Luis has been quite excited this year. He can't wait to find avid hikers to accompany him in his new adventure, the marble safari.

Before an impressive backdrop, between green hills and distinctive mountain tops at the Hintertuxer Glacier, a wooden marble race with a length of 147 metres is now waiting for enthusiastic visitors. Three exciting marble racecourses with many highlights are waiting to be explored. Luis is waiting curiously for the guests right by the beginning, welcoming them at the large marble race tower. The marble fun starts out with amazing loops and a marble crane. Young explorers who like to go up high will find a climbing wall ready for them. Marbles have plenty of obstacles to overcome between the start and finishing lines, with a route leading past a wave track, through a narrow glacier crevasse and past a glockenspiel with cowbells. The latter is playing its pleasant music as the marble passes. The marble long jump offers unadulterated excitement. Everyone will be on their toes, and friends, siblings and parents may place bets on whose marble will jump the farthest. The wooden marbles can be purchased at the marble vending machine for a small fee. Of course, they sport glacier flea Luis, bringing back memories of the exciting day at the Hintertuxer Glacier to the visitors for a long time after they have returned home.


Photo credits: Hintertuxer Gletscher

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